Nadia S.

Loan Officer

“Gemma? An explosion of elegance, creativity and originality, as well as… a heat full of love!”

Federica P.

Fashion Designer

“A professional like few others, she puts her heart and soul in everything she creates…a true artist, a mature stylist, a wonderful woman…this is Gemma del Vecchio.”

Francesca L.

Project Manager Office

“Gelé garments are a perfect combination, romantic and bold, refined and never ordinary. Highly recommended!”

Mariachiara L.


“Wearing one of her creations is like wearing her love. Talent and courage have always distinguished her.”

Silvia M.

Sales Assistant

“I love Gemma’s original way of drawing, her personality makes her work unique and exceptional, elegant and refined. The perfect combination of flair and passion.”

Benedetta A.

Event Planner

“I had the privilege to wear a wonderful dress designed by Gemma… a professional with an innate talent.”

Roberta P.

Event Manager

“A woman, a warrior, a special friend. Strength, determination, and persistence represent Gemma. I don’t know anyone like her. For as long as I have known her, I have always seen the passion and joy she puts into her work. I have always believed in her abilities, even when she didn’t see them herself.”

Gaia V.

Yoga Teacher

“Since I have known her, she has always shown great passion for everything she does! You can see this in each and every one of her creations. She blends love for her work and emotion, and turns them into something to wear.”

Lupo L.

President of the Italian Academy for Fashion

“When I met Gemma a few years ago, I clearly remember the emotion I felt, the happiness of meeting a former student in love with her path and sure of her choices. Today, years later, I can say for sure that Gemma is a resilient, passionate, determined, courageous, strong and above all authentic woman, as well as a true professional. Her authenticity lies in her sensitivity and in the curiosity that feeds her soul. I am very happy with this new entrepreneurial adventure, and I am sure it will continue to offer “emotions”.

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